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Sunday, April 27, 2008

When I Love Them The Most...

I love them the most when they are just being who they are. When their clothes don't match, they have crud on their faces, and they are just doing their thing.
I love when she needs 1,000 accessories before she leaves the house and when he starts dancing when no one is looking.
I like when I try to control everything, and they have a plan all their own (o.k. not always...but I can appreciate their plan...really, I can).
I love when he says, "Ta da!" after he does something he's proud of...
I love when she is working hard on coloring just the way she wants it...
I like when they are just being them.
A couple of friends have said to me this week, "Lucy is such a spunky kid." and/or "She has always got something going on, doesn't she?"
It's at those moments that I think I feel most proud.
She's her own person and a really interesting and funny person, at that.
I don't like to feel like they aren't being what they "should be" or "need to be" for anyone.
I have been hard on her this week, and hard on myself.
This next week will be better.


At 4:08 PM, Blogger Brown Eyed Girl said...

Gosh...I know exactly what you mean.

We're having trouble on the potty training front at our house..and ya know what...she'll get it.

Sometimes I have to remember where she started and how thankful I was that she could even breathe.

They have both gotten so big....I missed your blog.

At 8:38 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

Thanks for the reminder, friend. It's good to remember that their plans and mine aren't always the same, and that's OK. (Sometimes) =)


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