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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer Week List...

Going sort of listy my brain, many things are happening at once!

1. Tommy said "Hi" yesterday. And "Big Bird." adorable I could have died. He has been such a snuggler the past week, even more than usual. Sometimes he'll just lay on my lap or stroke my hair and hug me really tight. Lucy was not like this at 16 months so I find it a real treat. We all know in a few years, I will be the uncool one and he'll be following Dad around with his fishing pole, so I am taking all the hugs while I can get it!

2. Lucy did GREAT at her big girl birthday party! I got there early to watch and she was in her usual "shock and awe" mode. The other neighbor girl was so sweet and told her what to do and where to stand and what was coming next, so that really helped her (we are so lucky to have such sweet neighbor kids on our street). At the end, the girls were eating cake and watching the birthday girl open gifts. For some reason, the crowd was pretty low key and the other girls were quiet. But not my Lucy.
"You need help, Riley? You need help?"
"Want more cake, Riley?"
and if Riley said something funny...Lucy would pipe in with a "RILEY! hahaha!"
I liked that she and her little friend had their laughs among all the "la-dee-da" moms and girls.
I liked what I was seeing between the two of them...high self esteem!

3. We are having an ADULT party at our house on Saturday night! Matt and I have been wanting to have a summer party for about 3 years and it's just never happened. When we found out he wouldn't need the surgery on his leg, I thought, "This party must go on! We shall move forward with our summer!" And so we are...mexican fiesta here we come!

4. I have made a conscious effort to sllloooowww things down this week. I was starting to feel like it was just too much on-the-go and that the summer was really starting to feel "frenzied." And really, what is the point? It has been a nice, relaxing week of picnics, playing outside, sprinklers and just hanging out. It has brought back a lot of memories from summer days at my house growing up. Remembering things like the smells, popsicles, playing with neighbors, going to walks up to the store, and the things we would fill our long summer days with. I like that I can remember it all so well.


At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Summer parties are my favorite!! Hope it was awesome :)


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