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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Maybe Far Away..or Maybe Real Near By...

Certain things - smells, food, songs, toys, take me back to moments in my childhood. Matt is always astounded at how much of my childhood I can remember. I can remember it so vividly...actual days, things I "played" in the basement, friends, early school memories, etc. After chatting with friends over time, I have realized that I remember more than the average person. I think this is a sign of a very happy childhood, which I had.
It is also odd to vividly remember moments of my childhood, as I now have children living their childhood. I remember going to nursery school..and now Lucy is going. I remember going to the doctor at age 2 - not details, exactly. Just white walls, sun shining in the windows in a big building downtown, the smells, holding my mom's hand. Ugh...hope she doesn't remember her flu shot coming at her next week....oh sweet Lord help us all, as it shall be a doozy of an experience...
A few others I wanted to mention for posterity:
*Running to my mom in her turqoise bathrobe, while she sat in the corner of her hospital room after having my sister
*Standing in my crib yelling to my mom (not sure age..maybe 2?) and then dreaming of floating over my crib, out into the hall and over the stairs. Not sure what that is all about. Maybe an early dream as a toddler?
*Cracking peanut shells with friends at the glowing living room fireplace and feeling cool to be part of adult conversation.
*Basically every detail of holidays, but especially peeking down the stairs to try and see candy eggs "hiding" and also, Christmas mornings in our basement to look at stockings.
*Carly Simon, John Denver, and Simon and Garfunkle.
*The Annie movie album and sitting in my basement window sill singing, "Maybe far away...or maybe real near by..." Also, wishing I was an orphan.
*Laying in bed with the sheet up to my chin, praying to God to make me "be Snow White" for 10 seconds. I remember negotiating in my brain "I just want to be wearing her dress for 10 seconds. I won't tell anyone if you make it happen!"
*Jumping off the front porch with my umbrella, again, wishing to fly for just 10 seconds, just like Mary Poppins. (Is there a Disney theme here...not sure)
*Watching Mork and Mindy in our old "den" with my Dad. This was especially fun because I got to stay up 30 minutes past my bedtime.
*Friday night babysitter nights (and although I loathed every babysitter - they were not the best) - I LOVED the turkey t.v. dinner and jiffy pop we would get to have. Also, I believe there was some Hee Haw and Magnum P.I. watching that ensued.

I am beginning to realize this list could really go on and on...but, alas, I will not torture you with a humongous post. But these made me laugh.


At 10:29 PM, Blogger loveball said...

This post made me feel warm and fuzzy. I, too, was lucky enough to have a happy childhood and have similar memories. I just met up with my parents yesterday and still get a kick out of them and love being around them. I'm so grateful for the childhood they gave me. I know you are so grateful for yours too. And doesn't it just make you smile to know you are giving that to Lucy and Tommy? No doubt they will be filled with happy memories too. Lucky, lucky kids....

At 10:39 PM, Blogger meg said...

The Snow White wishing one made me laugh outloud - hilarious! Good times. We are lucky b's.


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