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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Funny Afternoon...

Lucy decided not to nap yesterday, as sometimes happens after a "big morning." She had school in the a.m. and then her "Meema" took us girls out to lunch. She spent nap time playing with her babies. At one point, Matt peeked in on her in her room and she had about 6 babies lined up against the wall and heard phrases like, "There you go Dora..." and "You want your paci, *Mikette? O.k. I'll get it for you..." She had the time of her life up there.
Afterwards, I decided to take the kids for a walk. Usually getting around the block takes about 30 - 40 minutes because we stop and discuss everything in our path. I push Tommy and she pushes her baby of choice in her stroller. Yesterday was especially exciting because of all the Halloween decorations up around the neighborhood. I try to talk about how "cute" and "nice" everything is about Halloween because, let's face it, Halloween decor can be scary as hell. So far, I have her completely desensitized to scarecrows (which I still find creepy myself), ghosts and witches. Conversations go like this:
Me: "Oh Luce..look at that ghost! Isn't he cute?"
Luce: "I don't like him, mom"
Me: "Ohh...I LIKE him! He is so cute and funny with his smiling face!"
Luce: "I like him too, mom."
And on a side note, what's with aloof neighbors who do NOTHING to their lawns all year, not even one potted plant on a porch in the summer. And all of a sudden Halloween hits and there is a HANGING CREEPY MAN on a wire in their front yard and about 50 fake tombstones? Don't get it...
So we stopped to count pumpkins, visit scarecrows (she had an entire 10 minute convo with a scarecrow about how his hay was sticking up pretty high in the air and how he had a nice belt on), and discuss what fake spider webs are.
About halfway around the block she said to me, "Hey Sarah! Sarah! Look at this!" and I said, "Lucy, that is my REAL name but who am I to YOU?" and she replied, "You're my daughter."
I don't know where she gets this stuff...

*Cabbage Patch Kid (belonging to E.E!) from 1984 that was originally a boy named "Mikey," but turned into a girl for reasons unknown.


At 8:42 AM, Blogger meg said...

hahaha - rolling with laughter! Hey Sarah! Sarah! ABSURD!!!

At 10:03 AM, Blogger AZ said...

She is hilarious! Man, I can't wait for those stages... constant entertainment!

At 10:35 AM, Blogger meg said...

ps. I think it's a crucial detail that Mikette was E.E.'s 1984 Cabbage Patch Kid! Props please....PROPS! (haha)

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Meema said...

This entry had me laughing out loud - HI-LARIOUS!!!! If you're her daughter, Sarah, what does that make me??? Fun reading!


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