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Monday, September 18, 2006

Umm...sick day please?

I am giving myself permission to whine today! I am SICK today with sour stomach/abdominal cramping/on the verge of hurling but not quite-type feelings. You can't call in sick when you are a mom. It sucks...all I want to do is go into full on fetal position on the bed with Mtv and some Ginger Ale!! Instead I had to haul children to a baby library class and act lovely and cheery while meeting new moms and trying to make it fun for the kiddos. Matt is 2 hours away visiting doctors so he can't help at the moment. It is just I shall try and ignore it as much as possible and eat bland, carby things like a soft pretzel. I have been through when 14 month old Lucy suddenly dropped her morning nap in month 2 of my pregnancy with Tommy. I had such bad morning sickness I would cry whe I woke up. I always think back to that month and think, if I survived that...I can do anything. Ridiculous but true.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger meg said...

Dude - if you're keeling over sick I think it'll be ok if you DON'T go to Library class just this once!?


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