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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Thoughts On a Mother's Morning Out...

1. Why are grocery store workers so rude and without knowledge of basic customer service? It is quite appalling.
2. What are those "20-something, what do you people do for a living if you are sitting at Noodles at 11 a.m?" guys thinking as I walk by in my Mom haircut? That I am so in need of a new hairdo? They are right.
3. Man my boobs get full after 2.5 hours. Man I will be happy when they don't hurt anymore.
4. Boy, I sure wish this wasn't my last Mom's morning out.
5. Target is the single greatest store on earth. I mean, NAME something you can't get at Target. O.k. large slabs of butcher's meat. Other than that, I am just saying it rules.
6. Look at that Mom managing her kids in the store. She is doing some serious sweating..I know it well. Thank the sweet lord that isn't me this morning.
7. Why do I get furious at long red lights on my morining out? Because it is ME TIME and how DARE street lights stop me from my ME TIME!
8. I wonder what the kids are doing.
9. I wonder if Lucy pooped yet and I hope the sitter smells it and changes her promptly.
10. Man I am bummed these are over.


At 3:35 PM, Blogger AZ said...

I agree with #1 and #5 (big time). And I always wonder about the poops when Grandma Z is watching the little man. Just saw your comment - I'm working on a post about that very subject right now... weird coincidence.

At 4:09 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

I'm telling you...between you talking about your son's chill temperment, sleeping issues, etc. It is creepy how much it seems are lives are parallel! :)


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