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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

She Did It!

Lucy had her first "real" day at school today. I wasn't all that nervous about how she'd do but wasn't 100% sure. I talked her through how the morning was going to go - this seemed to alleviate all her fears, confusion and questions. I think it definately helped her feel more prepared once we got there. This technique always worked great this summer right before the sitter would arrive as well. I explained that "brother" and I had to go to the store and that she'd play with kids and Miss G and then we'd be back to get her real soon. Well, we waltzed into the class (a bit hectic with drop off and parents mulling around) and she gave me a quick kiss and hug and off she went to do a puzzle with Miss C! I was so shocked and happy at how quickly she went for it without hesitation and not even a glance back at me!
The Moms went for coffee after that and one Mom asked me, "Were you sad when you droppped her off?" and I said "Not at all for some reason!" I guess I just KNOW she is going to love this experience so much and she is so READY to conquer and experience something new. I think this kid is going to LOVE school from now until she leaves it. She loves kids, people, new things, toys, art, music, etc. It's pretty much a dream for her! At pick-up, she was so happy to see me, but then started stuffing her snack in her mouth and yelled to me, "Hi Mom! I'm eating crackers!" I was all, "Hey Luce - we can take them - don't worry! Finish your snack!" ha ha...that was her big concern. Other kids were having a hard time and melting down around her and here was this little girl, sitting there with her crackers and Nemo cup..all butt happy. Then we had to go kiss all the babies in the play room and tell them "See ya Thursday!" and wave at them from the window in the door. Ridiculous...but so great! I am so happy for her!


At 10:21 AM, Blogger Meema said...

This kid steals my heart!!!!!!!!!!


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