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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Random Tuesday Questions...

1. Why do I hate my dog? I seriously hate her...yesterday she decided to push a peach around the family room on our CREAM carpet while I dealt with 2 screaming children upstairs. Wanted. to. kill. her.

2. Why do I care what Katie Holmes looks like these days, post-baby? I am not sure but I am intrigued by her and her creepy life with Tom, etc.

3. Why do I want to cry/be sensitive about everything this week? Lucy heading into school...Lucy playing with friends on the playground...Matt playing with both kids in his lap...mother in law can't babysit as long as I wished...oh boob hormones. Forgot about those.

4. Why am I intrigued by Rosie O'Donnell? I know most people hate her but I like her. She is opinionated, but also (unlike some people) - very educated on her opinions. That is refreshing!

5. Am I getting better at saying no to things? I am trying...Am I getting better at standing up for myself? Working on it...and in relation - Why are you labelled a bitch by society if you are an outspoken woman? I am sick of it. I guess that goes back to the Rosie O'Donnell thing.

6. Could life be any better with 9 hours of sleep again? I say not! I didn't know when I'd see it again. Tommy is now doing (fairly consistently) 9 p.m. - 7 a.m. Life is good! We actually watched 2 movies this week...a sure sign of life beyond children in the evening!!!

7. What do I want to do with myself once Tommy's off the boob? Take medication for my mask of pregnancy, whiten my teeth and drink A LOT of Starbucks.

8. Is it just me or does Jessica Simpson look like she has had A LOT of work done on her face? She isn't looking real fresh and young anymore. She looks rough since the divorce. I would love to know what really went down there.

9. Why can't I afford an iPod? I am sick of running with Tommy in silence, thinking about all these random things. I just want to zone out! Someone buy me an iPod please!

10. Is it wrong to be starting a Christmas list in September? I like to call it "efficiency!" That way, when "the moms" ask me what I'd like, I am prepared!! Umm...iPod?


At 8:23 AM, Blogger meg said...

haha - I've started my Christmas list too! I can't believe you run in silence!

At 2:14 PM, Blogger AZ said...

Ok, too weird. Many of these things I have been thinking myself. Definitely started the Christmas list and I leave it out in plain sight just in case the hubby is feeling generous (yeah, right). Definitely with you on Rosie, Jessica, and Katie. Is is me or has Jessica put on a lot of weight and a lot of fake tanner? Maybe it is because she was anorexic for DofH?


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