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Monday, September 11, 2006

Appreciate Today

I thought about writing a post today about 9/11 and the anniversary of the attacks. However, I have decided the angle I will take is to focus on the precious babes. I think those thousands of families that lost loves ones would tell me to appreciate what I have and enjoy every minute because it could change in a flash. Of course, I have my secret fears of: "What will my kids see in their lifetimes?" and "What kind of world have I brought them into?" But, I like to think if it all ended tomorrow, I have my family and these two little people I can be with today and I am so dang lucky. And so, I will hold them tight today and pray for the families that have lost the ones they love.

Tommy does something that Lucy never did. He cuddles. He loves to lay in your arms and suck away at his paci. It is so dang adorable. He likes to caress your face and touch your hair. He likes when you maul him. He also likes stuffed animals and has this little bear from his E.E. (aunt) that he mauls on his face and cuddles with. I am talking - ADORABLE!

And Lucy was sooo dang cute this weekend. We had family in town and she was so butt happy! She is seriously the happiest kid I know. She skips her way through life and dances every second she gets. See, when she is doing this spontaneous dancing and singing (hourly occurances at our house), I will look at her and think "I never want her to be any other way than this." I never want her to be sad or worried or scared. But I know I can't make that happen. I just wish I could push pause and create that feeling to last a lifetime.

These are the reasons to appreciate every day.


At 10:46 AM, Blogger AZ said...

More coincidences in our boys... JZ is a cuddler too. He has a little mouse (Ralphie) that he mauls. I love your stories about Lucy... she sounds like she is constant upbeat entertainment. Love the previous post - she's hilarious.

At 9:40 PM, Blogger meg said...

Good post dude.

At 10:37 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Great post honey!! Me


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