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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Salad, Anyone?

Lately, thoughts have been turning to boobfeeding. Boobfeeding Tommy has been quite a different experience than Lucy. Lucy was all about hanging on the boob for 30-45 minutes at a time. I would eat Lean Cuisine frozen entrees over her head (no, I never burnt her head and it isn't child abuse). I would watch an entire Oprah. I would schedule call-backs to friends during that time because I knew I'd be sitting down doing nothing for a while.

Here we are post-boobfeeding when she was 6 weeks old and I had a terrible case of "mask of pregnancy." Ha ha..glad that's over.
She was a skinny little thing but she continued to gain weight so I just kept boobfeeding. She was never that great at it but we worked it out and I ended up boobfeeding her to 7 months. It was a loooonng haul and it seemed to take forever. And on that glorious winter morn' in January, when she ended her relationship on the boob and I told her we were all set, I was both relieved and sadened. Relieved that my physical "sacrifice" was over and I could start to finally feel "normal" again and not live my life in 1.5 hour increments with ugly bras and tender boobs. But also sad that our time together was over in that way. But then the last 5 pounds finally came off and I drank a GRANDE Latte from Starbucks and remembered - life without boobfeeding is freeing!
Now Tommy, on the other hand, is one efficient dude. He jams out in 10 minutes (both boobs!) and is perfectly content. He is also a chubber. The man knows what to do, does it, and keeps it moving.

Yo Peeps...don't even think about getting between me and da BOOB!
It seems to have gone a lot faster this time. I will start to introduce more formula to him at the end of 6 months...and I think I am ready to think about wrapping it up again. The public boobfeeding thing is getting old. He gets distracted and flails his almost 20 pound body all over my lap and tries to whip the burp cloth so perfectly placed off his head. Again, I feel both relieved to be almost done and also sad that it will all be over.
I am excited to go buy normal bras for my boobs that Matt has coined "Rocks in a Sock." He says it with love. Fire up for the TRAINING BRAS PEOPLE! Negative A' I come again. I am excited to not have to whip my boob out at all locations and do a lot of sweating. I am excited to not feel tingly and tender and sore on top anymore. I'm proud I have fed these children and have done my motherly duty. I know I am lucky that my body "did it's thang." So come October, as the Tomster takes his last nip...I shall be freed. And all will be well with the world. Except for my boobs, which have lost the will to be shapely...and will then be coined "Cucumbers in a plastic produce bag."


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