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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The "New" Normal is Going Well!

Summer 2006 has really surprised me. We have done a TON of fun things...way more than I thought we would, based on the current situation. I guess when I was up worrying at 3 a.m. during my second pregnancy, I envisioned us in lockdown or something. I just had a hard time imagining how we would do things or get into a "new" routine. Or maybe I just didn't know what Tommy would be all about, like maybe he'd be a colicky baby who was not good on the go. Or I would always be exhausted because of no sleep. Oh, don't be mistaken - I am exhausted, but not from little sleep. It is from my fourth rendition of a dance routine that Lucy has taught me. I don't know why I worried about this - in reality, everything has been easier than I imagined it would be with two very little kids. Looking back on how the past 5 months have gone, I am pretty happy with it all. I am excited that we have used our pop-up camper. I am glad we have done the road trips we have done (even though my head almost exploded with two of them). I am glad we did the week up north with my family and it wasn't as hard of work as I thought it might be. I am glad the kids and I get out almost every day and do something fun. I am proud that Lucy has basically shown nothing but love for "brother Tommy." I am proud of the new friends I have made through play group and that has really enhanced my daily life. We are headed on our second camping trip this weekend - should be a great time with some friends and Matt's family. More good times ahead. And to that I say, WHOOOO! And so does magical, adorable, rice cereal loving, ridiculously cute, large headed, still liking to get up once a night to eat, chubby thighed, 5 months old on Thursday Tommy!!!


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