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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Baby Got Back!

I ran the lake this morning again with the kiddos. I suspect I walked about 1 mile of the almost 5 miles. Maybe even a little less. I am thinking about signing up for a 5K in September. I am also wishing I had an iPod to help me get through the run. Anyone up for sponsorship for a poor stay-at-home mother? Or maybe I can convince Matt I need an early Christmas present. Anyway, so in total, I have burned well over 1500 calories via exercise with one more day to go this week. I am also breastfeeding every day, all day - that's another 2100 calories a week at the very LEAST. So there you have it...3600 calories out the door at minimum. I am not eating too much. O.k...pehaps I have enjoyed my share of ice cream this summer (ha!) but everything in moderation. Here's the kicker: I have lost ONE POUND in 6 weeks. Why Lord why?? oh sweet Lord I am losing the motivation. Matt tells me my body has changed and looks leaner. Perhaps it's the lean muscle I have gained that is causing me to stop losing. Or perhaps it's the breastfeeding...last time I "capped out" on weight loss for a while until I was done. For whatever reason - it is ANNOYING!
In other news, we are headed to my hometown this weekend to see some high school friends and their kids. Should be good times - I haven't seen them in a very long time. It is a given that we will laugh about things and people I haven't thought about in a good 10 years or so. I also get to pet my old cat I had to give away to my friend and that will be joyful. It is also a given that they will bring up a variety of dorky things we did in high school because I was, in fact, really dorky. Sometimes when I get around these friends, I feel a disconnect between the person I was and the person I am today. We don't chat or stay connected enough these days to know each other very well in our "current life." So they see me as the person I was in 1992. I mean, that's fine and all. Don't get me wrong...I still enjoy kicking it with a little Tone Loc on the radio and meeting you at the local McDonalds for an extra value meal post-basketball practice. It's just that now I have a few more things going on. And thinner eyebrows.


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