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Saturday, August 26, 2006

6 Years of Wedded Bliss

Today, Matt and I are celebrating 6 years of marriage. It's 2:15 p.m, and at this time 6 years ago, we were up at the alter pledging our undying love. It is fun to think about all we have done in 6 years. Things have changed for the good and the bad, life has become more complicated, and we've learned a lot about ourselves and each other. What I am most proud of, is that I am still excited to wake up to him everyday and I'm still very happy to see him when he gets home at night (and it's NOT just so he can change a diaper for me). So...Happy Anniversary to Us. We are celebrating with a MUCH needed night out. It is impossible for me to get a picture of just the two of us together these days but this one is the most recent one I have. Actually, I planned it! Tommy is yelling "WAY TO BE MARRIED AND CREATING ME, FOOLS!" On a side note: This is the photo that made me come to terms with the fact that I totally had a mom puffy bob haircut and immediately scheduled a haircut last week. Much better...but no photos of the new "do" yet.


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