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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tommy Rules the School!

My little Tommy is ridiculously cute. I must create a post gushing about him because he deserves it. He is starting to come into his own lately and it is so fun to see. He loves to hold rattles and linkadoo chains now. He puts everything to his mouth. He can hold his head up really high and strong on his belly and look around, resting on his arms. He LOVES his little burp clothes I use to wipe his face. I mean, if he is sleepy and can't fall asleep, I will just hand it to him and he acts all relieved and snuggles it close to his face and falls asleep. Every night, Matt puts Lucy to bed and I stay downstairs with Tommy and have my special time with him. We chill out together, and laugh and I hold him and he, as usual, just chills on his mommy's tummy. Well last night he decides it would be fun to reach out and touch my face. We made this game where he would reach out and touch my face and then I would yell, "Oh my gosh! Who is touching their mom's face?" and he would laugh his guts out. Then he would put his arm down and do it again! He did this like 5 times and laughed. By now, Matt had come downstairs and he was so shocked to see Tommy interacting with me like this. It was so cute and funny. Best of all, it was like he "got the joke." He got that he was being goofy and kept doing it to me. I mean, that is pretty cool at almost 4 months old. I pride myself in the fact that my children appreciate a sense of humor. You can tell Lucy has learned that being funny is appreciated in this house. The girl was yelling "I funny!" at 18 months old. I really think it is the best thing you can teach your children because humor can get you through everything. Not everyone is born with has a natural sense of humor and if I can instill that in my kids, I will feel like I have set them up to be fun and successful adults! Oh - and Tommy rules the school.


At 8:34 PM, Blogger Meema-Mom said...

Tommy is AMAZING to be touching your face and finding it hilarious!!
Oh....My Tommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 9:08 PM, Blogger meg said...

Sooo I guess this means you don't want to take me up on my offer to adopt him?! hahah - JUST INCASE - the offer still stands.


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