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Monday, July 31, 2006

Oh the Things They Can Do!

Lucy is really getting maternal with Tommy and likes to report his latest to me at all times. Lots of hilarious phrases like,
"Whatcha sayin' bubbee?"
"Bubbee's talkin'!"
"Brother Tom spit up! I get wipey..."
"Uh oh..Brother Tom tooted! Can I see it Mom?" (Then, every one of her babies has to come see Brother's dirty diaper and yell, "Big onnneee!!!"
"Mom? Can I hold him today?"
We have also noticed in the jogging stroller, she likes to put her hand on his leg closest to her. She doesn't do anything, just rests it there like she is protecting him. Yesterday I caught her singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider to him, as well as "This little piggee" and would say "Wee wee wee!" while flailing up and down his body. He loves to stare at her. It is very surreal watching my two kids stare at each other. These two humans we created checking each other out as brother and sister. The whole thing still blows my mind.
This morning, Tommy decided to suprise us all by rolling from back to belly before all of our eyes! He has also likened to blowing raspberries 24/7. It's his new favorite thing! He is getting sick of lounging in his bouncy seat, except when he is tired. Otherwise, he wants to be upright and checking stuff out! Perhaps he will sit up early? Last night he slept 9:30 - 5 a.m. and then right back down until 7:30 a.m. Nice work Tom! Now if he could start doing that regularly, I would begin proceedings for nominating him to Sainthood. :)


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